Wabbit Dwoppings

  • It is not a sin to have both Green Day and the Backstreet Boys on your iPod.
  • Neither is it a sin to have Barry Manilow in the mix.
  • A kitty can, over a couple of days’ blog entries, raise a real ruckus.
  • Some good can come out of a kitty raising holy hell.
  • After 9-10 days of 100+ temps, 90 feels kinda good.
  • I’m still not acclimated to the heat, however.
  • After singing along with Bread in my car today, I now understand why the cats stick their paws over my mouth.
  • Everyone in nearby cars now understands, too.
  • Math is hard.
  • If really gross smelling food goes into a cat, well, you can guess what comes out.
  • I still have this really great story tumbling around in my head.
  • It still won’t come out and lay quietly upon the virtual paper.
  • I started reading the newest Harry Potter book around 3 p.m. yesterday.
  • I finished it at midnight.
  • I wish my brain worked like J.K. Rowling’s.
  • Money is not the root of all evil.
  • The love of money is the root of all evil.
  • I do not love money, but having a little more would be nice.
  • Like, before houses out here cost a million bucks.
  • If life was fair, there would be chocolate in my desk drawer.
  • No one ever promised life would be fair.
  • Fair or not, I would like just a little bit of chocolate right now.
  • Cats know when you’re about to sit down at your desk, which is right next to the bathroom, and they will poop vast quantities Just Because.
  • Ye will be missed, Scotty…

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