31 March 2016

I may have mentioned once or twice, that the Spouse Thingy is joining me in walking the SGK 3 Day Walk in San Diego this year. We have until November to raise a total of $4600 ($2300 each), and like always, I am willing to do things to raise the money.

To start… In gearing up for fundraising this year, a couple of pretty freaking generous people (who wish to remain anonymous) coughed up some freaking fantastic prizes. I am blown away by their generosity, and haven’t been able to thank them enough…because, damn, these are super spiffy with sprinkles on top. In total, the prizes exceed $1000 in value.

As in previous years, for every $5 you donate to either my or the Spouse Thingy’s walk fund, you’re entered to win.

In no particular order, we have:

A Garmin Vivosmart HR* and a Garmin Index Smart Scale
Kodak 14MP digital camera
Roku Streaming Stick
Kindle Fire 6
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
11" Dell laptop
13” Dell laptop

*The Garmin Vivosmart HR is an open-box, used for 5 days during a merchandise test. The scale was not opened.

Because it’s the most valuable—at $500, or priceless in terms of health, and the sooner you get healthy the better—the first up will be the Vivosmart HR and Index Smart Scale. Winner will be drawn on April 30th after 6 pm Pacific, so don’t wait!

Other prize dates:
June 15: Kodak camera, Roju Stick, and Kindle Fire 6
August 15: Samsung Galaxy Tab E and 11.6” Dell laptop
September 15: 13” Dell laptop

The earlier you enter, the more prizes you have a shot at; enter now and you’re still in the running for the past prize in July, even if you’ve already won something.

Here’s the kicker: if we both meet our fundraising goals by the end of September, we’ll have one more, hopefully really big, prize…details are still being worked out, but one donor has offered to get something really spiffy.


To make it easy…Donate directly to my SGK fundraising page [click here] and be sure to use your correct email address, so that I can contact you for shipping when you when. Once I hit the $2300 minimum, we’ll change the URL and you can donate to the Spouse Thingy’s page.


Other than you might win something? Because 80% of the money raised from these walks goes directly to the research that will eventually find a cure for breast cancer.

You’ll help save the boobies.

You like boobies. I know you do.


Sure. You can make more than one donation, or if you prefer you can split a larger donation and Komen will charge your credit card in equal installments every month for 4 months.


Suggest something. I've overplayed the hair dye thing and I like it, so that's not really a perk...but hey, I will do things.

And's your generosity that makes these events happen, and because of that progress is being made. And for that, I thank you.


27 March 2016

I'm sitting in Starbucks at a table where I can see the bar; this guy comes in with his kid, who practically drools on the bakery display case while Dad orders drinks.

After a minute, the kid shouts out, "Hey, Dad, if you get me a cake pop I'll be good all the way home."

Dad. "Do you mean to tell me that if I don't get you one, you won't be good?"

The kid hesitates a beat, then, "Pretty much."

Random dad, I'm sorry I LOLd.

(No, the kid did not get the cake pop.)


24 March 2016

Oddz n Endz #3,945,012v2

 ♦ Every time I plop down here and start to blog, my brain engages and every freaking thing I've been working on lately comes rushing at me. On one hand, it's good because I then take lots of notes and am making some pretty serious headway in Max's newest literary venture (and trust me, a cat writing fiction? I have to pay close attention) but am also getting seriously distracted by other ideas that are clamoring for equal time.

♦ Max's book was, originally, supposed to be a one-off. The potential is there for so much  more, though, that it will be at least 2 books, and could go on as long as people want to read the stories. Hell, the volume of notes and ideas is long enough to outlast us both. I may need to teach Buddah to write.

♦ Getting back to the gym has been going swimmingly. =snort= see what I did there?

♦ Now that the convertible is gone, and the weather is awesome, I'll probably ride the scooter to the gym more often than not. The only downside to that is all the protective gear. It's enough to make me wish I was like 90% of the other riders I see around here, in just jeans and a t-shirt.I hit the ground once, though, and even at just 35 mph I'm not willing to do that again without gear.

♦ Not really willing to with gear,, either, but, ya know...

♦ Ice cream for dinner may have been a mistake.

♦ I am so ready for this election cycle to be over.

♦ I want donuts.

♦ Seriously. Someone bring me donuts.

17 March 2016

Last year, I was swimming. A lot. In fact, I did so much swimming—about 1.5-2 miles 4x a week—that I killed my shoulder. It got to where I could barely move it, so I backed off on it (the timing was good because it was getting cold out, and the pool is outdoors) and decided to ramp up the walking, specifically trying to trim time off my pace, shooting for under 16 minutes per mile.

Here’s the thing when you’re kinda fat and in phfft shape…you really do need to approach things at a slower pace until you’re not as fat and in slightly better than =meh= shape.

I did not do that, and wound up with significant hip and lower back pain.

Now, did I go to the doctor about any of this?

Hell, no. With my shoulder, there was that little voice that said my doc would send me to another doc, who would declare my rotator cuff shredded and it must be reamed out. Clearly I know better than the medical professionals, so I decided to rest it.

My hip and back…well, I have arthritis in both, and a narrow lower spine, and have been told before to just back off and rest it. So that’s what I did. I rested and gained back 5 unhappy pounds.

In the bigger picture, I just wanted to be able to get back to walk-jogging soon enough to get my time fast enough to survive the Pixie Dust Challenge. And I was getting there, I really was.

But then the Spouse Thingy had something come up, something that’s not really mine to tell (but it’s not horrible, so don’t worry) but that, if it comes to pass, will mean I should stay home and we would both miss the races we registered for. I was seriously looking forward to this (because it’s at Disneyland) but honestly, I am not disappointed.

And I’m not disappointed because for once MISSING SOMETHING IS NOT MY FAULT!

Insert Snoopy Dance.

Since I don’t have to focus on cutting my walk pace, I can get back into the pool. I swam for the first time since October the other day, making sure I didn’t push too hard, and it felt great. It was half an hour of oh yesssss, and I wanted to keep going but forced myself out of the pool. I’m going back tomorrow and will swim for 40 minutes, and see how that feels (though this time, if at 40 minutes I still feel great, I’m staying in the water and will just work on kicks.)

I’ve also managed to drag myself out of bed most mornings between 7-7:30, which gives me the cooler part of the day to get out and walk…with my eye on the Yosemite Half in October, and the 60 miles of the 3 Day in November.

Max’s book is also coming along…so this will be a busy spring and summer, and as long as it doesn’t get too horribly hot, don’t count on me for much of anything else.

I got some sweating to do.

And some writing.

Sometimes, both at the same time.


8 March 2016

With one charity event down, we’re looking far forward to November, when both the Spouse Thingy and I are walking the San Diego 3 Day. He’s crewed before, but this will be his first time walking…so no horror stories, y’all. We don’t want him crying before Mile 12 on Day 1 ;)

The fundraising won’t begin in earnest for a while—and there are fun prizes planned!—but I’ve already got the ball rolling on one thing, The Pink Belt Project. The idea behind it: you commit to walk 500 miles in 365 days, and you earn a pink belt—it’s the breast cancer fight equivalent of a black belt—because by joining the fight and walking the miles, you become a pink warrior. It’s only $20 to play, and it’s on the honor system. Keep track of your miles, from day one to day 365, and you’ve earned your belt.

If you don’t want to walk, you can gift a belt to someone else, or buy one of the really cool t-shirts we’re selling. Those are $25, and there are 7 colors to choose from.

All of the profits—100%—are being donated to a breast cancer charity. After we’ve raised our minimums, anything else will be given to other walkers who are still short.

The shirts are really spiffy, guys.

And hey, if you don’t want to earn a belt or buy a shirt, you can still donate directly to my 3 Day fund or the Spouse Thingy’s…and like always, every $5 will count toward the prize pool. The first prizes will probably be announced at the end of March (and one has already been donated and shipped to me, and for anyone looking to get in shape, it’s really cool!)(and worth $500!)

So go check it out… The Pink Belt Project (or jump right to the order page here.)

We also have a Facebook page that’s just barely gotten started—no purchase necessary, you can join and just hang out!.

1 March 2016


Should of. Would of. Could of. NO. Stop it. It makes my eyes bleed. Should’ve or should have. Would’ve or would have. Could’ve or could have. YES. Farking contractions, people. It’s not that difficult.

Bitching at me over and over and over will not get you fed any sooner, cat, and I’m starting to get mentally twitchy at the sound of your voice tonight. YOU WILL NOT STARVE TO DEATH IN THE NEXT 40 MINUTES.

Any article (or talking heads on TV) saying “the male penis.” As opposed to what? WHO ELSE HAS ONE?

This election cycle. It’s disheartening to realize how many people I know are racist and xenophobic, and they have no clue.

No, it’s more than disheartening. It’s making me sad.

Seriously, cat, I will not let you starve.

Pizza rolls. They should be low cal. So that I can eat 20 at a time. Yes, I know I’m complaining about the cat wanting to eat while contemplating junk food.

I want to reach through the TV and punch Donald Trump. I want to punch his supporters even more. I realize this is a horrible thought. The difference between them and me is, I think, the fact I am willing to admit it’s a horrible thought upon which I would never act nor expect anyone else to condone.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s hair. Dude, you’re a fine actor and I like you on Criminal Minds, but freaking wash and comb your hair more than twice a year.

OMG cat.


I’ll feed you.

Holy hell.

I totally get to have ice cream once you're fed...