17 September 2016

...and the winner of the 13" HP Laptop is


I'll contact you in a few minutes to double check your mailing address and maybe then you can tell me what your last name is?

Might be helpful in shipping.

Thanks to everyone for donating and playing for the prizes!


16 September 2016

Ok, I know I was supposed to post the winner of the laptop yesterday...but I am dog sitting, and the list of names and numbers is sitting on my desk at home.

I'll be home tomorrow, so come back tomorrow night...the number will be drawn and posted then.

Thanks :)


5 September 2016

♦ Holy hell, where did the rest of August go? For that matter, how is it already September when just a few days ago it was, like, March?

♦ I turned 55 last month. I'm surprised I didn't mention that. If y'all remember, I was pretty sure I would die at 50. Getting halfway to 60 is a weird little thrill.

♦ In the last month I have literally written an entire novel. It's the Vomit Draft and it totally sucks, but I crammed out 110,000 words and I like the story.

♦ Vomit Draft = writing without editing of any sort. It's just...sit your asterisk down and write, and let the story come out. Right now it's a lot of stage direction and dialog (which is why it sucks) but that's what the next couple of drafts are for.

♦ Remember all the swimming I was doing? I have not been doing it for several months because of my shoulder. I thought I had just over done it--I was up to 2500-3500 meters 3-4 times a week--and took a break to let the shoulder rest. But it never got better, so I finally sucked it up and went to the doc.

♦ Tomorrow I start PT for rotator cuff issues, and I am not looking forward to it at all. It's gonna suck. But it might suck a little less than it would have 3 weeks ago, before the doc started me on a good NSAID; still hurts but maybe not as much.

♦ All I want is to be able to get back into the pool. Just a few months out and I've gained back most of the weight I'd lost, and am really flabby. I don't get nearly the same results from walking.

♦ Speaking of we get into the higher mileage days, we start thinking about walking in San Francisco. Last week we did 7.25 just walking along the Embarcadero and part of downtown. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that. Not sure where this week's long walk will be, but we probably need to kick it up a notch and do 10.

I did not buy this hat while we were at Pier 39
My shirt matched the flowers, though...
♦ I really need to win the lottery so we can just retire and buy a place in SF. I would freaking love to live there.

♦ All right, back to work. I have a narrative to fix.