Dear MS Word Grammar Police,

Thank you for being so thorough.

Truly, I never would have guess that the sentence, "I'm going to believe him" should actually be "I is going to believe him."

Obviously, my education was sorely lacking.



After a horrific drive to Borders today (saw the aftermath of one 3 car accident and three minutes later saw a Toyota Yaris--same car I drive--plow into the side rail at about didn't hold up very well which freaks me out just a little) I managed to finish the first draft of my current work in progress.

My first 3 books weighed in at roughly 113,000 words each and the 4th one a mere 58,000.

This one? Right now it's between 160,000 and 170,000 words. That's like, a lot.

Clearly I'll be doing a whole bunch of editing over the next few drafts. I should probably set it aside for a couple of weeks, but I don't have any other work lined up, so I may plunge back into it tonight after the Spouse Thingy leaves for work. Or I may just sit here and drool on myself. Not sure yet.

And because she asked, Yes, Charlie, this one picks up just a couple of weeks after the end of Finding Father Rabbit. You get your wish. It may suck, but you're gonna get your wish.

See what a good friend I am? I write on command.

And don't tell me trained seals work on command, too, or I'll have to hurt someone...


I am so very, very glad that I developed the habit of saving my work to a flash drive instead of just the hard drive, or today I would have lost an entire manuscript--just half a chapter to go, and this sucker is about 160,000 words at this point--when the laptop crashed.

Save, save, save, and BACK UP your data sooner rather than later...



It's 95 degrees out and your child has a realistic looking life sized baby doll, which came along for the ride when you went shopping. Do you:

a) Take the doll with you when you exit the car?
b) Put the doll in the trunk?
c) Put the doll in your child's car seat, thereby causing a mass of concerned adults to swarm around your car, debating on whether to just call 911, break the window and call 911, or break the window and then beat your sorry ass when you get back, and then call 911?

If you shopped at the Nut Tree Shopping Center in Vacaville, CA today, you chose the wrong answer.

Oh, and you can thank the old lady with the walker for writing "It's a doll" on your window with lipstick. She probably saved you some serious bucks, because surely the next people passing by would have noted the same thing the first group did, and they might have chosen to beat your ass...



Ok, you do not go in for a tattoo ON YOUR FACE and fall asleep. No freaking way. This kid got exactly what she asked for and regretted it afterward, now she's suing the tattoo artists for giving her 56 stars on her face when she only wanted three.

Kids, don't tattoo your face.


It'll save you from crap like this...


You know you've gone too long without a blog post when you forget your password...

I am seriously blog-blocked of late. 99.9% of my writing has gone into a new manuscript, which is rapidly becoming bloated. With about 15% still to go it's already at over 130,000 words--a good 27,000 more than the final draft of Charybdis.

Much editing to do during the next few drafts...