27 July 2010

The last week or so my life has been wrapped around my feet: blisters, hot spots, the right socks, the wrong socks, is the Glide working, is it not...? I walk, I whine. I think if I liked wine, I'd whine less.

While I've been preoccupied with my feet, the Spouse Thingy has been leveling a 19' diameter circle in the back yard; he dug up the grass, figured out how many inches each side needed to be, and has hauled around 30 sixty pound bags of sand, 6-8 at a time, home from Home Depot to aid in leveling the area.

When it's ready, we have a cheap assed Intex pool we're going to put up. You know, the vinyl kind you buy at Sam's Club on a “Hey, that looks spiffy!” impulse, though it was less impulse than that we've wanted a pool, but we don't have 30 grand lying around, and we want to be sure we'll actually use a pool enough to warrant popping for something like a Doughboy in a few years, and a house we rented before this one had a giant Intex pool that was nice to have. Yes, I know that was a run-on sentence. no, I'm not going back and fixing it.

Still. While it's cheap it's been a lot of work for him. I've watched as he's sweated (and sometimes slept because sometimes? He's a little odd and gets up at bumfrak o'clock in the morning and goes outside to dig) and I've sat inside and rubbed my tender feets, but when it's done, I'll reap the benefits.

A pool will be good for cross training, you know.

Tomorrow or Thursday the space should be ready for the pool (you know we actually set it up once before, only to discover that our level-looking backyard was five inches higher on one side than the other...we couldn't get the box back into the car to return the pool, so a-leveling he went...) and hopefully by Sunday or Monday it will not only have water in it, be level, but will be warm enough to use.

I'm delicate, you know.


22 July 2010

People must be getting used to seeing me walk around town. I have not been asked if I'm lost in the last few weeks.


What I got a few days ago? A kid at the park pointing and saying loudly to his mother, "Look! It's that street walker!"



17 July 2010

Dear Dixon Parks & Recreation Department,

When the sign outside the restroom says that it's open from 7 am to dusk, one would expect that at 9 am, it would be unlocked and available for public use.

One would really expect that at 10:30 am, it would be unlocked and available for public use.

One does not expect, when partaking of the big public park with big public restrooms, that they would have to walk a freaking mile and a quarter to get to the closest maybe-they'll-let-me-use-it restroom.

Because really? By then, once would expect to need to pee like the proverbial racehorse, and that would be a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE WALK.

Today, you get a giant FAIL from one of your local residents.

Kinda Pissed Off, but not in a literal sense because THE DAMNED RESTROOMS WERE LOCKED...


15 July 2010

Lacking anything better to do, I finally got the tape measure out, because the more I looked at my legs, the more I began to think the kid in McD's was right.

And damned if my right calf isn't half an inch bigger than my left.

Worse, they're both bigger than they were a year ago when I started losing weight. Now, truly, this is due to massive muscle gains. I mean, that's obvious. Those muscles just happen to be sheathed in a thick layer of fat, but...so?

When I started walking, I had visions of finally losing more weight and hitting my goal, but damned if I haven't lost anything. My diet is fine, my exercise level is good, my energy levels are wonderful, but I'm stuck at this weight. I think I've added all the muscle I'm going to add, so I don't think that's it.

But...for the most part, I'm fine with it. It's now not so much dropping more body fat as it is being healthy, getting healthier, and staying there.

Even if I am gonna go through life with mah right laig bigger'n mah lef laig... ;)


10 July 2010

For the most part, people in this little town are friendly. When I'm out walking, I'd guess up to 90% of the people I pass greet me. No clue who they are; it's just what people do here. They say "'Morning" or just "Hey" as we pass, and I always respond. Nicely.

I've started actually greeting people first once in a while. Because, hey, I live here, I should become one of the masses, try to fit in, right? So as I approached an older guy jogging slowly ahead of me, just before we passed each other I said, "Good morning!"

The response: "It's morning, there's nothing phking good about it."

See? I do fit in here!


8 July 2010

Tomorrow I am walking 12 miles again. I will do it, I will be successful at it, I will look forward to it!

You know why?

Because tomorrow Big Spoon Yogurt has Very Raspberry frozen yogurt on tap, and at mile 10 when I take a break, I am totally going to be there to get a mix of vanilla and very raspberry.

Hey. No one said I had to be adult about this...


4 July 2010

I walked 45 miles this week; my feet hurt, my legs are like jelly, my left big toe has an odd numb spot, there's a weird little blip on my upper lip where I obviously missed the sunscreen coverage, and I'm tired.

But, I feel decent.

Today it was 88 degrees at 11 a.m. and the wind is blowing, but it's my rest day, so I'm not out there pounding the pavement in the heat; I'm just sitting here, practically drooling on myself.

Not a half bad way to spend a holiday.

Happy 4th, Peoples. I hope you're spending it doing as little or as much as you want.


1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day!
For, ya knoom my Canuck friends.
And people who just like Canadia ;)