Because I clearly had nothing better to do (read: housework avoidance) the last couple of days, I decided to re-do the archive for my blog. Since losing the domain where most of the image files were hosted, anything older than 2 months looked pretty crappy, with all the little “this image is obviously missing” boxes.

Plus, I wanted to have them in some semblance of order; you know, not seeing the last day of the month first, and having to scroll down to read the first entry.

Because, you know, so many people read my archives…

Everything is there now, but I haven’t added comments older than January…I’ll get to it, but my neck hurts from sitting here so long, and my eyeballs are burning. I took a cake out of the oven about half an hour ago, and as the aroma reaches the bedroom, I’m thinking it may take priority over adding more comments to last year’s posts.

==>New Archives<==

Go on now.
Go read all my wonderful musings.
You know you want to.

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