29 July 2021

Something new for me: my first inclusion in a Story Bundle.

This is an eclectic mix of cat wonder: cats and time travel, steampunk cats, magic and romance, and...cats! It's a pay-what-you-want offering, with $5 being the threshold for the first four books--and The Emperor of San Francisco is one of them. But spring for the whole thing, because there's some stellar writing in the exclusive stories offered in the extended bundle.

I really wish this guy was here for this. I'm sure he would have all kinds of opinions about his work being included with some prestigious authors, and he would be happy that there's the opportunity for people to also toss a few bucks to AbleGamers, a foundation dedicated to combating social isolation through play.

He often said there simply wasn't enough cat fiction in the world.

Shuddup, he did, too.

Max said a lot of things about a lot of things; I never thought I would miss the nonstop stream of consciousness that spewed forth from his mouth, but damn...I do.

Yep. His writery side would be 13 kinds of tickled about being included in this, and a couple more over having the other books read to him.

Just about every night...