Because I Have That Not So Fresh Feeling*, I Will Now Update You On the Following:

The $20million** Swedish TempurPedic VisoElastic Foam Bed

The first night I slept on it, I tossed and turned with the mantra “I can send it back, I can send it back…” It was the most gosh-darned uncomfortable thing I think I’d ever slept on, except perhaps for the floor.

Cut to what, 2 months later? They can take the bed when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. Or thighs, really, because I’m pretty sure I’ll clench my legs around the mattress before rigor mortis sets in.

It took Way Too Long, but once the mattress cover was off, the bed was sufficiently broken in to allow for mostly pain free sleep. And now—I sleep almost too well. I’m sleeping for 9.5-10 hour stretches…I think I’m making up for years of crappy sleep.

The Cold That Almost Killed The PsychoKitty

Max is at about 95% now. Healthy, mostly his old snarky self, but he is noticeably more quiet than he was before. He’s back to trying to sit in my lap once in a while, usually while I’m trying to work, and this morning he woke me with his rendition of a fine feline aria (which he seemed to be teaching Buddah.)

He has one more round of blood work Monday, hopefully the last. About 3 weeks ago his amylase levels were still too high (pancreatitis) so he went back on antibiotics. Hopefully this last couple of weeks on the Baytril will bring the level down to normal.

Buddah Pest

He’s just about to turn 4 months old, and he’s already 2 pounds heavier than Max was at 4 months. But he’s skinny as a rail, so he could be heavier. And he’s smart. Too smart. Max is beginning to teach him things, so I am probably doomed.

Giving Up Aspartame

After the first couple of weeks of No Aspartame I was down 2 pounds and my sweet tooth all but disappeared. But that was it. It’s been about 6 weeks; my sweet tooth hasn’t come back and kicked me in the nads or anything, but I do get the munchies in a major way a few nights a week. I’m neither gaining nor losing weight. I’ve developed a preference for Splenda, though…soft drinks with it seem to taste a little more sweet and I like it in my tea more, as well.

I’m never going to be a fanatic about it, but as far as buying an artificial sweetener for home use, I’ll stick to Splenda, and not worry that Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is sweetened with Aspartame. ‘Cause I have to have a can of that once in a while…

*No, that doesn’t have to make sense.
**OK, it didn’t really cost that much. But it’s not cheap…

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