They’re sleeping together.

I took the picture at 6:15; it’s now 8:30 and they’re still up there together, snoozing.

It’s definitely a step up from this and yesterday had Max shoving Buddah down the escape hole at the top of that tower, but they’re doing a much better job of getting along.

Max actually seeks out Buddah to play, and Buddah has learned that there are times Max just wants to be left alone. He still doesn’t grasp that Max’s tail is not a toy and that it is attached to him, but he’ll back off if Max doesn’t seem so enthused about engaging in Feline WWE.

Earlier this evening, Buddah wanted in my closet and couldn’t get the door opened; Max did it for him.

Dare I hope they actually get to like each other…?
Should I fear it if they do…?

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