I packed the car with the final load of Stuff From The Garage To Donate this afternoon and headed out to Goodwill, early enough that surely I would beat the We Had To Close Early Because The Trailer Is Full cutoff.

Ha. I should have known better. I pulled up just as they were closing the gate; the guy recognized me and offered to let me leave stuff there, but he had the look of “please don’t, I’m just being nice,” plus there was a huge pile sitting there, waiting to be sorted. So I said I’d wait…

Yeah, I was trying to be nice, but deep down I was saying not nice words, mostly at myself for not getting off my butt earlier and going over there.

I stood in the express lane at the grocery store, behind a young woman—16ish—and an 8 or 9 year old boy whom I assumed to be her brother. They stood facing away from me, but I couldn’t help but overhear the hisses of their conversation.

Her: I can’t believe you’re wasting your money on that.
Him: It’s my money.
Her: You can get something better.
Him: But I’m thirsty.
Her: So?
Him: [snottily] So?

He turns just enough that I can see what he’s holding. She does not want him to buy a bottle of water. Yes. A bottle of water…

Her: So…for the same money you could buy a bottle of Coke, you moron.

Sadly, the diet soda addict in me understood where she was coming from (minus the attitude and calling him a moron.) $1.20 for a bottle of water or $1.20 for a bottle of whatever soft drink his little heart might desire. Given the choice, I know I wouldn’t be getting the healthier choice.

Yay for a clean kitchen! Double yay that someone else cleaned it for me while I was out! If I had the stuff to make them, I’d make the Boy some brownies in appreciation.

Of course, that would mess the kitchen up again.

But dammit, now I want brownies.

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