[ scene ]

SuperCuts. Thumper walks in; there are two women working there, and one customer in the middle of getting his hair cut. The unoccupied woman is Korean and approximately 50 years old. She nods and smiles. She has a very good command of English, but has a noticeable accent.

Woman: I cut your hair in 2 minutes. You can wait?
Thumper: (nods) Sure.

The Woman takes several sips of a drink, then motions Thumper over.

Thumper: It’s been less than a minute.
Woman: Yeah, but the longer we wait the longer your hair gets.

Thumper sits in the chair.

Woman: So what we doin’ here today?
Thumper: Layered, over the ears, and tapered in the back. I’d like it kind of short.
Woman: I can do short. But if I cut too short, there’s no crying, ok?
Thumper: (smiles) It’ll be fine.
Woman: Ok. I give you white walls.
Thumper: Ahhhh…maybe not that short.
Woman: (running fingers through Thumper’s hair) Not too short. You got lotsa gray. It’s gonna be white walls…

[ end scene ]

Oh yeah, she got a good tip… I got one of the best cuts I’ve had in a long time, and she got a really good tip.

And dammit. I have white walls.

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