After much hauling of boxes, emptying of boxes, 4 trips to Goodwill, the purchasing of a ton of plastic containers, filling said plastic containers, and rearranging everything that was not thrown out or donated, the garage now has room for my car, the Spouse Thingy’s bike, my little scooter, and my forthcoming motorcycle.

I busted my a$$ to get it done this weekend, because Tuesday my new toy was to be delivered.

Yes. Was to be delivered.

The dealership called while I was out there lifting box #8624—a heavy box, containing books we may or may not read again, but were unwilling to part with—onto the top of box #8623; they won’t have a thing they need to deliver until Thursday.

No, I don’t know what "thing." They aren’t open again until Tuesday, but rest assured the Spouse Thingy will call and find out what the deal is.

Ideally I’d slap a hitch on my car, rent a motorcycle trailer, and go pick it up myself. But the ideal is tainted by the fact that a hitch would likely run over $150, not to mention the cost of renting the trailer. Delivery on it is less than that, a lot less.

I’m annoyed. Very annoyed.

On the flip side…I’ve gotten several really good workouts hauling all that stuff around. I feel like I should be buff.

Feel being the operative word.
:::jiggles arm flab:::
I want my bike.

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