I still miss this guy.

He’s been gone 3 years now…I almost let the day go by without saying anything, but he was on my mind today. Earlier today I watched Buddah make a wide berth around a growling Max, and kept thinking that Buddah and Hank would have been best buddies. Buddah would have never been afraid of Hank, and Hank would have let Buddah literally walk all over him.

Then I realized I’d had almost the same thought a year ago, when Buddah was tearing around the apartment like his furry little butt was on fire. Those two would have teamed up and mad Max wish he wasn’t such a snarky old grouch.

It doesn’t seem like he’s been gone for 3 years, though. I miss him, but sometimes it’s like he should still be here, basking out in the sun in the back yard, quietly watching all the rude little kitties that tick Max off.

No, I don’t need another dog.

I’m still finding Hank's fur on stuff…I think there’s a law that says if you still have pet fur on your crap, you can’t get another of the same species.

Besides, Buddah plays fetch. And sometimes it’s like he’s Hank reincarnated. He has that same goofy, funny, sweet disposition…he should have been a dog, but that whole same-species-law thing is a good reason for him to be a cat.

Hey, I can rationalize anything.

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