How Mean I Am, Part Deux...or Trois

Every night at 10 p.m. the kitties get a snack. Well, Buddah gets a meal, Max gets a snack. Buddah gets a full 3 ounce can, Max gets the half a can he didn't get at dinner time. No, this is not the mean part; Max is overweight and Buddah is still rail thin, so he gets more food.

Tonight, while placing the post-dinner half can of food on top of the fridge (where it is safe from stealthy kitties,) I discovered what should have been Max's snack for last night, still up there and sealed in its little plastic baggy.

This means neither of them got fed at 10 p.m. last night. I'm not sure why they didn't bug the crap out of me about it, but I did not feed my kitties.

This does explain why Max would not shut up at Way Too Early this morning, when he tried to get me up to feed him.

No, I did not get up until much later.

I am so mean...

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