What the heck is wrong with Pat Roberts? He’s known for spouting some pretty stupid things—things that do more harm to the Christian cause than help it—but lately…?

A couple of weeks ago (maybe a month--?) he’s on TV praying for a vacancy on the Supreme Court so that someone more conservative and like minded would be appointed. While he may have been thinking “Come on, retire, one of you old bags,” in my head it was “Dear God. Please let one of the justices die so I can have someone on the Court that I like better.”

And now he advocates assassinating the Venezuelan president???

Garsh. What Would Jesus do?

Something is wrong with the man. There has to be. I’d hate to think that someone who is in a position of leadership of millions of religious faithful—people look to him for guidance on matters of faith—would be coming out and saying the 6th Commandment doesn’t apply because he doesn’t like the Venezuelan president’s politics… I’d rather think there was something wrong with him than believe he’s thinking quite clearly and really wants someone to go out there and blow someone else up.

I am so creeped out…

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