I’m quivering with anticipation.
Yes, quivering!
I can fricking see well enough to pick up a book and read now.

Granted, I did not want bifocals, but I have them, and now I can delve into this huge stack of books that I’ve collected but not yet read because of the giant headache that would have brought about.

But I also feel a sense of being overwhelmed. Which book to pick first? I think I have 20 sitting here, waiting to be cracked open and consumed. Something by David Sedaris? Elizabeth Berg? Augusten Burroughs? Orson Scott Card?

I feel like a three year old presented with a choice of 20 different shiny toys. How can I pick just one? I want to stomp my feet and make the Book Fairy figure out a way for me to read them all, and right now.

:::stomps feet:::

Yeah. I’m mature that way.
But at least I can SEE my (im)maturity!

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