Oddz N Endz Part 3586 x 5

The Boy is now a certified Bartender. We are very proud. Hey, don’t snort. We are totally serious…we are Very Proud. He busted his behind over Christmas break to take this course and finish it; he wanted to be qualified to do something he can truly support himself with while he pursues his Bigger Dream.

The cat is getting very impatient regarding the proof copy of his book; the materials are still stuck in Premedia with the printer; with the exception of Inkblot Books’ very first title, all our books have cleared Premedia in a day or two and we’ve had the proof copy within 5 days. Since Max’s books went to the printer on Monday, and here it if Friday and it’s still hovering there, he is very disappointed. And the head of Inkblot Books is wondering at what point one pokes at the printer and asks what the holdup is. It could be timing—the book might be stuck at the back of a long line of other books—or it could be there’s something wrong and we just don’t know about it.

Um, yeah, sometimes I speak in royal “we” terms.

I have this whole religious-themed post rolling around in my head, but I’m trying to write it in a way I won’t offend anyone. Well, I always offend someone, but I don’t want to OFFEND anyone. Once I get it coughed up and smoothed out, I’ll post it.

Something for you to look forward to.

We saw Elektra today. Not a bad movie, but not great, either. It’s one of those if you’re a fan of the genre or Jennifer Garner you’ll want to see, but it can wait for DVD.

Then we had a late lunch out. Burger City. I am totally stuffed. And we can’t go back there for a while because they recognize us already. You know you’ve gone somewhere too often when they recognize you. We realized we’d gong to Pizza Hut in OH too often when the waitress not only recognized us, she could tell us what we were going to order. It’s not like we eat out every night. We just tend to favor the same places…

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