I took the trash out this morning (Yes! All by myself! I did not leave it there for the Spouse Thingy to take out later. Well, not that bag, anyway…we won’t discuss the 3 that are sitting by the front door right now) and parked very close to the dumpster was a huge Mayflower moving van. They were hauling stuff out of a garage, so my initial thought was, “Hot damn, if we’re number one on the waiting list, that puppy will be ours…”

Because I am selfish that way.
I want the garage.

The thing is, the van was completely blocking the parking lot. And a guy in a pickup truck realized the same thing as he drove up… he had this confused look on his face, opened his window, and said to no one in particular, “My parking space is over there!”

As I walked by I pointed in the direction he had come from and reminded him he could turn around and get to it from the other side.

Judging from the surprised look that he gave me, I don’t think the fact that our parking lots is approachable from several sides ever occurred to him.

But he never got ticked off.
He didn’t shout swear words or honk his horn.

When reminded he could go around, after the initial look of confusion, he said “Oh. Thanks.” And he turned his truck around and left.

Now me, I probably would have at least muttered not so nice things under my breath at the moving van, and then I would have been mortified and/or deeply embarrassed by forgetting something so simple as there’s more than one way to my assigned parking space.

Which tells me I’m not always such a nice person.
But…I did remind him.
So that makes me helpful?

I am very good at telling people where to go.

In other news, Thumper is bored but trying to find all kinds of ways to avoid doing any actual work. Like, talking about a moving van and a guy in a truck…

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