I love a good bargain. PsychoKitty’s bed cushion was getting a wee bit flattened by his 14 pounds of (as he would say) sleek black and white glory, and since he’s started using the bed an awful lot since I moved it to a spot next to my desk, I thought it was a good time to replace it. You know, before it starts to stink.

Since this entailed making the Spouse Thingy go hither and yon to different places to compare and price different cushions, it had the possibilities of becoming a Fun Thing.

Who doesn’t like torturing their Spouse Thingy with shopping they could surely do on their own? (but don’t feel sorry for him. He got to buy himself 10 feet of Ethernet cable…)

What blew me away was how much floppy little bed cushions can cost. We hit one place that had the perfect sized cushion in a spiffy animal print, but they wanted $25. For a CAT BED cushion. A cushion that’s only about 20 inches across and 3 inches deep. I love the cat, but I don’t think so.

So we went to WalMart. And found a soft fleece covered people-type pillow that looked to be just about right. But no price tag. And none of their various Price It Here machines seemed to be working. This is when having the Spouse Thingy along pays off…he took the pillow and found a Real Live Human Being to scan it. I told him I didn’t want to pay more than $8 or so; he snorted and said it would be more than that.

Five bucks.

It’s a really nice pillow, and it was only $5. As soon as we got home I put it in the cat’s bed, threw the pad he sleeps on over it, and showed it to him.

He sniffed, burrowed under the pad, and curled up for a good 3 hours, until a bad dream (I think) woke him up. He made a godawful chittering sound, and exploded out from under the pad, his fur standing on end.

He went back to bed after dinner, and has mostly been there since.

Well worth the $5 I think. Unless, of course, that means he’ll be up all night bouncing off my butt and singing at the top of his lungs.

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