Another One About The Cat =or= We're Whipped, We're Really Whipped

Yes. We spoil the cat. I admit that up front and I’m not ashamed of it. If I even think he wants something, he gets it (other than an endless supply of wet food, mostly because I don’t want him to weigh 50 pounds and be dead before his 5th birthday.) As part of his ongoing spoilage, a couple of years ago we bought him a water fountain. One reason was that our water tasted like ass and this was a way to give him filtered drinking water; another was that cats just like running water.

They might not want to get in water, but they seem to like drinking from and playing with it when it’s dribbling from the faucet.

So we bought it. And he loved it. He took to it with no problem; he drank from it right away, and he played with it right away, sometimes stalking it from across the room.

Yesterday, it stopped working.

It made a few funky noises, prompting me to think it just needed to be cleaned. So I scrubbed it inside and out, put in a new filter, added water, and plugged it back in.

No pump noise.
No water coming out the spigot.

The fountain was dead.

Max glared at it off and on through the rest of the day, waiting for it to start spitting forth. He sat in front of it, staring, willing it to begin working.

At 3:30 this morning, he decided it was time to complain. I could hear him in the kitchen, howling his freaky little head off. At 4:30 when the Spouse Thingy got up to use the restroom, Max tried to lure him into the kitchen, where I’m sure he thought his fountain would be immediately repaired. At 7:15 I got fed up with his yammering, so I locked him in the bedroom with me, because normally that shuts him up.

He complained after breakfast.
He complained while I got dressed.
He complained while he was looking out my office window.

So today we’re going in search of another water fountain.
Yes, he’s spoiled.
Yes, he’s got us right where he wants us.

If he were our human child, I’d have snapped “enough already!” and sent him to his room for the rest of the day. But nope, he’s our feline child, so we’re off to find the fountain.

Stop rolling your eyes.
You’d do it, too…

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