Having gotten up So Freaking Early today, and not having gone anywhere except a 3 minute walk to check the mail, one might think I would use all that time to actually work. I mean, I was at the computer all day. And I’m 97.379% done with a manuscript. So it would make sense that I would use the time to get Real Work Done.

It would make sense.
With this much free time, I could edit the rest of the manuscript.
Write 2000 new words.
Balance the nation budget and bring about world peace.
That doesn’t mean I did it.

I thought about it. In fact, at one point I even opened Word and opened the manuscript file. But then I decided I needed music, so I had to find the perfect CD To Work By. And then it occurred to me that I was expecting a specific email, so I better check that before I got engrossed in work. And while I was checking email, why, I might as well surf through a few blogs to see what people had to say. You know, for inspiration.

While checking email I found that someone wanted to join Fibro Files so that needed to be finished before I could get back to work. And then I discovered I’d given a mass of people the wrong link to my blog, so I had to return to that newsgroup and correct the matter (because I am, after all, a Certified Attention Whore—I even have a tiara for it—and needed to make sure everyone on that newsgroup would come here and not the Bible Site the typo took them to.)

By then it was lunch time.
And after that I needed new music.
And, well, the news was on and I needed to see what was going on outside the apartment.
And the cat needed attention.
And there was this diversion with a game of BeSpelled

Next thing I know the Spouse Thingy is home from work, and I’ve gotten zilch done.

But tomorrow… tomorrow I shall find new and inventive ways of avoiding work.

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