22 November 2019

No, 20-something Barbie doll in the locker room, old women do not necessarily go into the changing room because they're that modest. They go in because no one needs to be witness to the struggle of getting into a pull-over sports bra or the wrestling into of a pair of support hose when you're 60+ years old. You don't want to see that. Trust me.


Somewhere between the shower and my locker, I lost my underwear. That was, like, 10 feet. Whoever found it...I'm sorry. But it's clean. I wore it in the pool.


I managed 40 minutes in the pool without filling my snorkel with water. Yes, I am proud of that. It's a first.


I offset that accomplishment by flailing like a fish on a hook when someone else's hair wrapped around my fingers somewhere around lap 30.


I will be glad when my appetite catches up to the swimming, because I want to eat all the things and somehow I don't think I'll break this 8 month plateau by eating as much as I want to.


I'm really upset about the underwear. It wasn't cheap. Dammit.


Just Ducky said...

You swim in your underwear?

Vicat said...

10 ft...and no one was in there with you, I presume. 🤔