22 August 2011

Only 18 more days to the San Francisco SGK Walk for the Cure. I'm ready, other than packing. I'm pretty sure I've fullfilled all my promises about it.

I rode the bike in pink spandex in a public place.
I wandered around San Francisco in very public places in pink spandex.
Oh...I have not yet done a video tape with me singing, but I'll get to that.

There's four more days until someone wins the iPad. And the Kindle. And the Nano.


Most importantly, I have the cape.

The cape that will be worn on at least the first day of the Walk.

The cape that will bear The Names.

Names of those we've lost to breast cancer.

Names of those we love who survived.

I still have all the names from last year's cape and t-shirt, and will carry those, but if there is another name you would like me to add, please leave it in the comments. Those names, whether on the cape or a t-shirt, will go with me every step of the way.

Your mother.
Your father.
Your sister, best friend, cousin, aunt, uncle.

You. Especially you.


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

WE hope your feet are ready!

gizzylaw said...

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to know you. How your guts give me courage just to do my job every day. Please add the name of Mary Wagner. I have told her about you. She is currently cancer free but they discovered her breast cancer at stage 3. She has taken much solace from your efforts, my friend. As have so many, many others.

dustyninjacat said...

Could you please add my grandmother Bertys K. ? Thank you for what you are doing.

Oblivious Beast said...

My mom's best friend, Lucy, 2001.

Anonymous said...

Please add the names of Susan and Nina, who beat the monster, and Janice and Mindy, who didn't.


Tara and Heather said...

You are awesome! Please add "Pinky" - my Mom Phylis who died after a 5 year battle. She passed just after her 40th birthday and a month before my 7th. I still miss her.

Thumper said...

Pinky will be added for Atlanta...I'm sorry, I just found this in the to-be-moderated folder.