27 March 2010

I'm in yer streetz...We had to take my scooter to the shop on Thursday; it's time for its routine maintenance--oil change, air filter, check all the belts and hoses and fluid levels--but it's also developed a bit of a problem with the front hydraulic seals.

Every so often I find it listing to one side or the other in the garage, and when I start it up, the horn blows 5 times, the on-board computer code for "Hey, your hydraulic seals are busted.". After digging around online, I discovered it's not an uncommon problem with the MP3, but it doesn't effect how it handles while riding, and it's not a complicated fix.

But...It's an Italian bike and there aren't a whole lot of parts distribution points in the US, so I might not have it back for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!

This next week is supposed to be a little rainy, so I'll survive, but the week after? I bet it's going to be all sunshine and warm and perfect riding weather, so I'll be especially grumpy.

This is all punishment for forgetting Buddah's birthday. Yep, I forgot, and the poor little guy didn't get any presents or special treats on his 5th. I actually feel bad about that.

Don't mock me. You'd feel bad, too.

You would.


Peace said...

When was Buddah's birthday?

Angela said...

Aww, poor Buddah. I feel your pain about the bike though. It's been a week for me already. Had to have carb work done. *sigh*

Thumper said...

March 15th...the little furball is 5 now. Like, kindergarten ;)

Peace said...

Aw, so he can write his letters now! Cool, that means he can start blogging on his own just like Max. LOL

Anonymous said...

Buddha seems like a red headed step
child , never gets to blog , Max is
rude to him, and no one remembers
his purrday. Awe purr baby!

Kay lee Kelly and Emmie kitty

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

I understand how you feel about missing a birthday. I missed one of my kittys day and I was sad for days!

Karen Jo said...

It's a real shame that you won't be able to ride your scooter for two whole weeks. You are right. I would feel terrible if I forgot Herman's birthday.

Char said...

Hay, I was reading an article on the MP3 and it suggested that owners could expect to only get about 30,000 miles out of them. Is that true? That's a hell of a lot of money on something that might only last a couple of riding seasons. And the problems people are having with them? It sounds unreal.

Anonymous said...

How about brightening one of those rainy days with a belated purrthday party for the little guy?

Chicklet...almost a twin to Buddah pest

yellojkt said...

And the weather in spring is soooo nice.