2 March 2010

Mike & Karen

Don't we look spiffy? Almost like we're standing there, knowing exactly what we're about to do, and thinking we have it freaking nailed.

It didn't work out quite that way.

I mean, it started well. I snapped my boot into the ski binding like I'd done it a thousand times, but then it all went downhill from there.

Or more accurately, it didn't go downhill.

I had issues from the start. First, I am so damned out of shape that just getting up the tiny hill was hard work and I had a hard time catching my breath. Then while everyone else was doing that wedge down the little hill, I was stuck. One ski wanted to move, the other was plastered to the snow. So I fell. First person of the day to go down like a sack of potatoes. It wasn't embarrassing, just frustrating.

So because everyone else had wedged their way down the tiny hill successfully, we were pointed toward the lift chairs.

You know, the chairs that take you up a freaking mountain.

the Bunny SlopeGetting on the chair was a snap. Getting off, not so much. Almost everyone got off that lift and fell flat on their asses. Since it was the lift to the top of the bunny slope, the attendant at the top was prepared, practically ripped skis off left and right and moved them out of the way, so that we could easily scramble, lest we trip up the more experienced skiers.

And then my day got worse.

My right ski, it wanted to slide. My left ski refused to budge. We were supposed to wedge our way across the hill, but the snow was sticking to the bottom of that left ski, and I was going nowhere fast. Well, other than the right side of my body, which wanted to take off.

I finally took the skis off, wiped all the snow off the bottom, and got back on, but by then the damage was done. I'd had a little too much time of my right side moving and my left side not, which does not favor old knees.

Forty minutes in, I was done, lest I rip my knee to shreds. I took my skis off and walked down the rest of the way.

You know how hard it is to walk down a mountain in ski boots, carrying skis?

It's not that freaking easy.

The Spouse Thingy went on another run, and he didn't do half bad. But by then the winds had whipped up, snow was falling hard, and we were worried about the worse weather that was headed our way. We'd already checked out of the hotel when we learned that tomorrow called for baby-blizzard conditions, deciding to forgo a second day in the snow on order to get out of the mountains.

We still have lift tickets, though. We may try it again next week, but with skis rented from the pro shop and not the ski school...I got screwed on my unwaxed sticks, and feel like I'm damned lucky I didn't really do some damage.

Still...it was pretty, and we had a killer view from the hotel.

Karen @ Tahoe Mike @ Tahoe squirrel outside hotel room Intermediate Slope


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

That sounds just like my first, last and only time I ever tried!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

It gets better. Really--I was so tired and scared my first time (one of those friends who took me on the easiest way down the mountain--except I wasn't exactly ready to be off the bunny slope)... sigh.

Roses said...

1) The ski lift: When The Husband took me skiing, he had a bad habit of exiting the lift just a split second before me. The change in weight on the seat caused the lift to spring up launching me up into the air and flailing back down... onto my ass! (Just like you guys!)

2) Hey, look! A picture of squirrel butt!

kmburkezoo said...

I've been skiing for so long I literally don't remember learning, and it's a lot of fun once you figure out what you're doing. It definitely sounds like you were having an equipment problem; if one ski moves and the other doesn't, then something's up with the wax. I'd urge you to try again, and yes, definitely make sure you've got some better equipment this time.

And your pictures are beautiful.

Miss Em said...

Never tried to learn how to ski because every person I knew came back from the slopes with something broken. Wasn't interested enough to find out if I would join them either.

The pictures were great and then I saw the "Gray furry-butt tree-rat"...nasty little buggers.

Miss Em

Undr said...

What were the snow conditions? Fresh wet snow is sticky, made even worse by poor wax on the skis. Just don't give up; I spent my first two or three times falling on my ass repeatedly, while Char whizzed right on by. Very damaging to my ego ;)

Terrific pictures, too, really like the one of the two of you.

kenju said...

The views were beautiful, but now I know for certain why I never tried skiing!

Kathleen said...

The wax problem is one I've encountered before.

Wax is determined by snow temperature. There are different types for the various potential snow temps, and which one you use will definitely affect your ability to move. Most likely they were doing the rental skis in big batches, adjusting them for the slightly warmer temps, and missed one, leaving a cold-temp wax on the base.

Next time, test it out as soon as you get onto the snow. Snap in, and try sliding your skis back and forth. If they slide easily, you're set, if not, take them back and get a different pair. Honestly, I'd avoid the pro shop for now, as most of those are demo skis, intended for slightly more advanced skiers. Unless they have a "novice" section, in which case, go for it. Demo skis are better cared for, and better rides.

Skiing will be hard on your knees - watch the pros, you'll see they absorb all the shock in their thighs and knees. Take it really slowly and work your way up, and DON'T FORGET TO STRETCH.

DILLIGAF said...

Good grief! It's the Red Brothers! (as opposed to The Blues)

Well..alright..not quite brothers..obviously..;-)

Where's the bar?

Karen Jo said...

You do look very spiffy. I'm really sorry that you got a bum ski for your first try. I never tried skiing. Heck, I cracked a metatarsal playing tennis, so I just knew I was too clumsy to ski, but my brother loves it. Better luck on your next try. The views are gorgeous.

Lemon Stand said...

I used to love skiing. Course that was BC. (Before Children) I agree with everyone's assessment. Bum wax on the skis. Try again. I think you'll be glad you did.

And Roses 'squirrel butt' is as accurate as it is funny.

Absolutely beautiful pictures.

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