WTF happened to my blog template? ('Course, if it's fixed by the time you read this you're be wondering what the heck I'm drinking for lunch...)

I managed to solve my formatting woes, for the most part. I was able to take a PDF file, export from Acrobat to HTML, open it with Seamonkey, and edit the source code from there. My eyeballs burn, but they have not yet exploded. I should have my first three books completed by tonight, provided the Amazon preview thingy (which I'm using to test how well the formatting is going) speeds up a little. Today it has molasses running through it.

While I'm formatting, I'm reading. You'd think I'd know my own work inside out, especially when considering that I've read each book at least 15 times before it goes to print, but it's been a while and oddly, I don't have them memorized. I'm experiencing a whole lot of cringing and Holy Carp, I wrote that and let people read it...", but there's even been some Whoa...*I* wrote that???

While reading Charybdis, I cringed a lot. And I wondered a lot, why the heck the editor didn't cut huge chunks out of it, and why I wasn't forced to streamline the storyline a little more.

But...unlike after it was done, I no longer hate it. I no longer hate any of them, and can see my own progression from the first book to the third. If I keep making strides, someday I might be a real writer!

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