Every so often I get email about a conspicuous absence of blogging. But no, not about me; I can go days without posting and no one says anything. But Max?

Max hasn't blogged in two days? Why not? WHAT'S WRONG WITH MAX???

Um. Yes. What's wrong with Max that he hasn't blogged in two days?

There are two reasons Max has not blogged in a few days:

At least they're sharing...
At least they're sharing...


Thumper's New Toy
'Twas a gift...and I hearts it

Ohhhh...and you want this toy. In three days I've read a Stephen King novella, Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking and am almost through Christopher Moore's Fool (a wickedly funny retelling of King Lear. You don't have like like Shakespeare to like this book, but you can't be easily offended.) I'm find it a lot easier to read on the Kindle; I can increase the font size, which is a plus for aging eyes, and the electronic ink on the greenish gray background makes for less eye strain. I can curl up in bed, find a comfy position, and stay in the same position for a long time without having to shift because the book is starting to feel heavy or turning pages is awkward. I can have up to 1500 books right there at my fingertips (presuming I want to buy that many books...)

So far the only downside I can find to the Kindle is that I can't share books I've read on it with people. Not unless they get one and register it to my Amazon account, and that's not bloody likely to happen (Well, maybe the Spouse Thingy...if he wants to buy things on my Amazon account, that's ok. He'll pay for it in the end...)

But that's why Max has not blogged since Wednesday. He and Buddah are getting comfy on top of me, and when they're not, I'm reading. Often with Max right there in my lap.

It's such a hard life, truly it is.

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