I'm an advocate of doing what you can to protect yourself when you're on a motorcycle or scooter. Common sense stuff like a helmet, gloves, motorcycle-specific jacket. If you fall down and go boom, you kinda want something in between you and the asphalt.

That kinda hurts, falling down and going boom.

Tonight the Spouse Thingy had to spend a few hours at a class to teach him new and exiting ways to pass gas, which meant he had our only car. And while he was gone, I decided I needed some M&Ms. Truly, I needed them. No problem! I have a nifty scooter! I could cave into my Very Mature Craving!

Yay for chocolate!

So off I went, to the Super Walmart just .7 miles away. And when I got there I realized I'd worn my helmet and gloves...and just a sweatshirt.

You know that feeling you get when you're a kid and you're doing something your parents have forbid you to do, and if they ever catch you at it you'll be grounded for life?

Yeah, it was like that.

I felt really, really naughty.

And I giggled on my way home, because no one can ground me.

Yesssss, I am bada$$.


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