I still haven't been able to find somewhere I can haul my laptop to in order to indulge in a little work/people watching in this little town. The problem with a little town? There's not a huge variety of places to go in general, and everyone tends to go to those there's not a great balance between enough quiet to work and the number of people to watch. Plus, I'm getting some WTF You Up To? stares.

I tried McD' dice, it's too small for the number of people in and out of there, so I'm taking valuable table space. I tried BK...more doable, but I thik it freaks out the people who work there to have someone stake out a tablr for a couple hours.There's a bakery/coffee shop that showed promise, but the one time I wandered in there intent to work I got the evil eye from the kids behind the counter. It was an obvious Get out! We want to close up! vibe (there were still technically 4 hours til closing...but once they're out of donuts, they close anyway. Because hey, why stay open with nothing to sell?)

So today I went back to the Borders coffee shop. It seems too far, but there were too many distractions at home, and I had stuff I needed to get out and onto virtual paper. I haven't been there since we moved, and sadly, I am not remembered. (=sob=) I actually had to tell the clerk what I wanted. Sheesh. And the price of the large iced tea has gone up. make it hurt, they were playing country music.

Stick a spork in my ear, whydontcha?

I decided to press on and ignore the music and the fact that I had to actually tell someone what I wanted to drink. I sat down and started writing, and was on a real roll; I'd probably been there for an hour and was just getting to the stuff when my freaking laptop battery died.

It had a full charge when I left home.

It's supposed to run for 4 hours.

My spare battery? Dead.

On the plus side, I managed to get out of there without buying more books. It's very rude of them to have so many blocking the path between the front door and the coffee shop.

It's almost like they planned it that way...

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