• One would think that after a week in this house, I would know where everything is. So imagine my surprise when instead of the bathroom I expected to find myself in, I wound up in the laundry room. Granted, there is a litter box right next to the dryer, so I could have used that, but I suspect that would have ticked off the kitties.

  • I have still not had an entire night without a cat sleeping on top of me. Buddah has pinned me down for several nights running, which annoys the carp out of Max (who jumps up on the bed, growls, and then jumps back down); Max thinks he owns me, and therefore Buddah has no right to be there. The Spouse Thingy is not working tonight, so he may get to enjoy the wonders of Buddah tonight instead. I suspect I've just been a warm body for a scared little kitty, and he'll be happier with his main human bed tonight.

  • Two weeks after asking the post office to give us a key to our little box wedged in the middle of the giant community mailbox (no home delivery to individual houses anymore, dangit) we finally got one. Well, two weeks and multiple requests, which ended when the Spouse Thingy finally demanded to see the Postmaster, who was, frankly, horrified that her people didn't want to go out in the rain to change the lock on a box and deliver the key to the people who needed it. So we get the key, and in the box was a notice "You gots too much mail to fit in here. Get thee hence to the post office to pick it up." Like, why not give the mail to the Spouse Thingy when he was there trying very hard to not go postal?

  • The house still looks like it barfed all over itself. My lack of motivation combined with the need to be quiet while the Spouse Thingy slept all weekend made for very little progress in the unpacking of things. I don't know what excuse I'll use while he's off for the next couple of days.

  • It has occured to me that I now need a new place to go people-watch and write and stuff. I could technically still go to Borders, but it's not very likely I'll want to go that far now. And this is a small town...I'm not sure I have a place to go. What to do, what to do...

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