All righty now.

First we were supposed to close on December 30th, but did not. Totally out of our control; we'd done everything on our end, but the seller (Countrywide) had not gotten their collective chit together and signed 2 pieces of paper that needed to be signed.

Then, because we had to extend our loan, we were told there was a fee. $2250.

And then the amount became over $3000.

We were not happy.

In all of this we were dealing with our landlord's Realtor (It's YOUR fault the house hasn't sold!")(Ok, she didn't actually say it, but trust me, it's been insinuated more than once), who called Saturday to say there was an offer on the house, and she needed to get someone in to do a Broker's Price Opinion RIGHT NOW. All right, she didn't say right now, but she did say THIS WEEKEND, which from experience with her means "Wake your husband up so I can send the guy RIGHT NOW. I don't care if he worked last night and he has to work again tonight and that peoples' lives literally depend on him being alert. WAKE HIM UP." She's sweet that way.

I did not wake him. I told her she could send the guy after 3:30, because the Spouse Thingy would be up by then. Her reply was a heavy, "Oh, I'll call him and"--SIGH--"see if he can come later. I'll call you back and let you know."

She did not call me back and no one showed. Not that day, not the next. He did show up on Monday, which tells me just how important it was to get him in THIS WEEKEND. And it took him about a minute to form his Broker Opinion.

But, there's an offer on this house. I hope she can push it through the landlord's bank in time, because this house goes up for auction on the 20th. It's a short sale, so I also hope the landlord is not holding her breath. BTW, we didn't have to pay her this months rent.

Then we find out that the over-$3000 we have to pay to extend our loan is only $400.

Then Countrywide got its chit together and signed the two pieces of paper, so yesterday we were able to go over to the title office and sign (again) about 4 inches of paper.

Whereupon we find out that the $400 we were expected to cough up is now...nothing. It got absorbed into the closing costs Countrywide agreed to pay. Not only do we not have to pay that, or any part of the January mortgage (absorbed into closing costs), we're getting back all but about $120 of our earnest money. That'll pay for the move and the friends of the Boy who are providing the muscle.

Now...we're waiting for our bank to fund the loan. Once it's funded, the title office can record the title, and the house is ours.

Tomorrow, we hope.

We're kinda tired of waiting...

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