It may be the only room in decent shape, but we got the library painted, bookshelves up, and books in place. And true, most families would use the room as a dining area, but it's just the two of us, and we like books more than a table that would only get used once in a blue moon.

Before...we hated the green, really hated it...

Library beforeLibrary before 2

After a coat of primer and the first coat of red...and then a nice place to stick boxes during move in...

PaintingMove in

Bookshelves up and books put away (with a little snoopervision by Buddah)

AfterAfter 2
Click through to biggify

It's not 100% done. We want to put a shelf under that little window above the kitty towers so the cats can get up there, and then to the top of the bookshelves. And if anyone wants to actually sit in there and read, we need a light by the chair. But it's almost done.

Nice that one room is, anyway...

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