Several years ago—and yearly since then—eye doctors have warned me that I have a significant thinning of my retinas. The big thing to watch for, I’m told, is sudden flashes of bright light. If I start to see them, I’m supposed to head directly to an ER, since that could indicate a detachment of one of my retinas.

I can do that.
I think.

So now it’s Spring In Ohio. The weather has been wonderful, mild temps with a nice breeze that beg for me to leave the window to my office (ok, kitchen-office) open. I’ve been sitting here this evening, Googling for the heck of it (read: I don’t feel like working, so I’m looking for you online), sort of paying attention to CNN Headline News on the 13” TV on my desk.

And it happened.
Flashes of light in the peripheries of my vision.
Holy creeping crud, my left retina must be detaching!

So I kind of held my breath and waited. Maybe it was just my imagination. Maybe it was something on the TV. Maybe it’s nothing.

And then it happened again.
Did I get up and call for the Spouse Thingy to come downstairs and whisk me off to the WPAFB ER?
Hell no.

I waited.
And it happened again.
And again.
And yet again.

And, dammit, I finally turned, thinking I’d better get up.
And I looked out the window.

Stupid fire flies.

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