In my fixation to take my car in for repairs today—yes, again—I totally forgot I was going to the Y this morning for a Boot Camp aerobics class. Or maybe my internal voice was just shouting CAR! over the whimper of PAIN! in order to spare me. But I will go next week.

I will.

I swear.

But today…sheesh, there’s something about me and cars that just doesn’t go well together. The Hyundai sucked up money, and now my convertible is. The latest wallet vacuum is the result of the car deciding to stall on me repeatedly. The other day it stalled 7-8 times in about 45 minutes. I had visions of being in the middle of an intersection, trying to make a left turn with a semi bearing down on me, and it dying.

So we took it in. Well, we took it in after consulting with the more mechanically engaged minds around us. The consensus seemed to be to check the idle first.

And guess what…? They was right.
Yup, they was right.

The idle motor needed to be replaced, along with the O2 sensor. And just for jollies, the mechanic thinks the fuel pump is on its way out, but it was ok for today, so he left it alone.

Good thing. After $400.00, I reallllly didn’t want to spend another $400.00.
I’m picky that way.

But I’m sure we will get it replaced at some point. If it’s in an accessible place, the Spouse Thingy can even do that. He replaced the fuel pump on the Delmont that we (insert reams of sobbing here) had for about 10 minutes a few years ago. Since it doesn’t require the placement of spark plug wires in correct order, I feel confident the car will run when he’s done.

Since I didn’t work out this morning (hush, I really will go next week) we walked the mall. And you know what happens when you walk the mall?


The mall sucks money out of a wallet as easily as does my car.

On the bright side, I now have a soft, cuddly teddy bear. And a nice white t-shirt. And a CD set of the bible. And another new bible. And…

Um, yeah. I’m going to walk outside tomorrow.
I will.
Right after I hug my car.

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