I said a couple of nights before, to quote: "Stupid fireflies."

My opinion remains firm.

Not because they caused me any undue stress tonight; I simply realized that what God gave them in hind quarter fireworks he took away in cerebral brain matter.

For instance, the picture there to the right. The Spouse Thingy spent an afternoon stringing lights in the front yard tree to make evening lazing slightly more ambient.

(Okay, he did it because it makes seeing the drinks easier. Same difference.)

Tonight I sat outside for a bit, enjoying the cool night air (okay, bitching about being cold, but still…), and actually enjoyed their twinkling little asses.

Then I realized…they were trying to hump the lights in the tree.

The fireflies, flitting by, looking to mate, took one look at our tree and collectively screamed, “ORGY!!!!!”

Brilliant only in their nether regions, for sure.

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