19 March 2014

My conundrum: ride my bicycle while wearing a bike helmet and overheat, or ride without and accept the risk of what might happen if I wreck.

If the bike were just a bike, I'd chuck the helmet, but it has a battery and pedal-assist, so theoretically I could pedal fast and hard, run the motor, and get the bike up to 15-20 mph (so far, I haven't done that, because I can only pedal steady and a tad better than slowish.)

If I wear the helmet, there's a 99.9% chance that I will overheat. This has resulted in me passing out, though not while on the bike. I did manage to get inside the house and my butt to the floor before the lights went out.

I did buy the most vented and well made helmet I could find. Still, overheating.

Definitely a conundrum for me.


Anonymous said...

Battery powered hand fan with EVA rubber blades and neck cord.

maybe you could look into one of these.

TheWilsonZoo said...

Look into getting a Cool Shirt. It's what auto racers use to stay cool while driving. My husband invested in a system to use when he does track days. Keep your body core cool, and the helmet won't matter (as much).

The link is to their portable system - might work with a bicycle!