26 January 2010

Dear Kathleen Anne Thompson,

Please stop giving people my email address as your own. While I applaud your purchase of a 2009 Honda, I really don't want to keep getting service reminders from your dealership. I especially did not appreciate that your car showed up under my Honda motorcycle account, and even though I removed it, I'm still getting those dealership emails.

It's nice that you're involved in Cub Scouts, but I don't wish to hear about that, either. And all your friends that have prayer circles? Goody for them, but I'll be honest with you. I'm not praying for them. Little Jimmie's ingrown toenail will have to be cured without my input. And every time you request a password be sent because you can't remember it? Well, be grateful I'm not a loser who wants to peek into your personal stuff. I've fired back emails to the forums/companies/whatever involved, but they don't seem to care.

Please...pay attention to what you're handing out as your email address. It's not kathompson @ gmail. com, no matter how badly you wish it to be.

Oh, and you have a confirmation on a dinner reservation tonight. It sounds like an expensive place, so you might wanna shave your legs today, because whoever's picking up the check might expect a little sumthin-sumthin afterward.


astrid said...

you made me laugh after a not so nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry it is enough to make you
scream , and not funny,
your way of telling make it funny .

Kay lee Kelly

Gemini and Ichiro said...

You'd think that the other person would figure this out? Huh?!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

If it would not generate even more email, you could change all her passwords,

kmilyun said...

way to funny since it is not my email LOL LOL LOL ok I will stop . ..


kenju said...

What a pain - albeit a funny one!
Too bad that is happening. I know there are other women out there with my name (one of them is on Facebook) but luckily, I've never gotten any of their email.

Shaggy and Scout said...


Just Ducky said...

LOL, this beats mum. Someone uses her cell # for texts. Mum just tells them to stop.

Willow said...

You are not nearly as evil as I thought you were. I'm disappointed. ;)

Karen Jo said...

It's funny from this end, though no doubt it is annoying at your end. I hope she finally gets her own e-mail address straight.

Maria said...

She could be mistyping it--or people could be "assuming" it. Either way--pretty funny post!!!

gizzylaw said...

ROFLMAO!!!! I had one of those days where everything went south and then--your wonderful post. WHomever the OTHER KAT is, she is probably all over her Honda folk and trying to figure out why she isn't getting answers to her posts and emails. Just imagine her frustration and the whole thing becomes excellent theater of the absurd.
Unfortunately, you are in it. But look on the bright side. Somebody is thinking about praying for you!?!?!?
Have a great day today!