11 January 2010

OK, deep down I'm 12. Or maybe 8. And because of that, I've been reluctant to swallow the horse-pill sized supplements my endocrinologist requested I suck down on a daily basis.

But then I discovered these.

Gummis for grownups. All the Calcium and Vitamin D an adult needs in two not too little chews.

Behold...I was willing to take my supplements. Because what could be better than medicinal gummis?

But then...then...A friend told me that the Viactiv chocolate chews I used to hate now taste a whole lot better, and I might find them more palatable.

Damn. She was right.

Another source of Calcium and Vitamin D. A chocolate source.

And THEN... I found some Caltrate chewable tablets
These taste like SweetTarts.

I am totally set to meet my RDA of Calcium and Vitamin D...and then some.

Can we say "hypercalcemia?" I knew we could.

This isn't a give the blogger a freebie's not a paid review. I bought 'em all and tried 'em all, and lemme tell you, if you don't take Calcium and Vitamin D (both of which I am low on, but have had more than one doc tell me most people should be taking) because those damned pills are so freaking big, these are a really good alternative.

But while you're indulging your inner 8 year old, keep them out of reach of the real rugrats, because they're that good. Let's not OD the spawn...


april said...

I take One A Day chewables for my multivitamin needs :) So I understand completely!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Blue Ice also has some tasty gummy bear cod liver oil supplements--for kids so they're a little lite on the ratios of vit A and D for adults... :)!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

I need to check into these. I found some that are 'petite' but still big!

been there, done that said...

I'm low on Vit D and was told to only take something prescribed by a Dr as the one's over the counter don't have sufficient amounts in them. I take Metagenics D3 5000 once a day and it's a small capsule. I go back in Feb to have another blood test to see how it's working.

Thumper said...

I did the whole prescription Vit D thing for 3 months, after that she told me to take 1000iu over the counter. That pill alone isn't too bad, but the combo with Calcium was freaking huge, and I have to take that, too.

I much prefer my candied versions...we'll see where my levels are in April.

Jennifer said...

Thanks VERY much for the recommendation. I have a hard time sticking to a calcium/D routine :(. I am at very high risk for osteoporosis, so I really need to get on the ball here.

Willow said...

What/ No vodka flavored? Or is that just the mouthwash?

I'm so gonna get me some smarties and chocolate and gummis so I can be healthy! Whee!! I'm always looking for new and tastier ways to take the horrible Old Lady crap I'm supposed to be taking.

The Furry Bambinos said...

Thank you so much for writing about this! Real adults DO eat chewable vitamins!

I have tried the Caltrate D chewables, but found them kinda chalky. Is this a new version? Then again, I think the chocolate Viactiv is more my flavor! Like Jennifer said, I really need to get back on the calcium wagon, due to being very high risk for osteoporosis as well.

My multi-vitamin of choice is currently Flintstones chewables, as I can't seem to find Bugs Bunny on the shelves recently.

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos

Shaggy and Scout said...

Thanks for this. It's so confusing to try to figure out from the ads or reading the box in the grocery store what works & what doesn't. Recommendations from real people are valuable. SweetTarts! Mmmmmm.
Any advice about fiber suppliments? And what kind of yogurt do you eat that Buddah told us about?
Geez Louise I'm getting old!
-SSS's mom

Thumper said...

The Spouse Thingy takes Fibercon, or the Walmart generic equivalent. I used to use Benefiber powder, not sure why I don't now....

Yogurt...fat free Yoplait. 2-3 a day. Those make the smaller diet-friendly meals feel like I've had a lot more to eat.

Karen Jo said...

Chocolate flavored vitamins? Yummy. I am presently taking the huge tablets and I am good about doing it, but this sounds like so much more fun.

Sleepypete said...

I used to have to take a lot more calcium when I was playing cricket. The stamping down of the feet on hard ground when bowling led to some extremely sore shins. I figured out how to deal with that after I thought about the "why?" and came up with "what are bones made of?"

So I took my calcium in milkshakes :-) And the sneaky bit of that is that the milkshake mix comes with all sorts of other vitamins too (allegedly).

Now I'm not playing cricket, I don't need so much calcium so I now take it in coffee ... But I still like the milkshake method :-)