16 December 2009

Barnes & Noble, apparently because of the introduction of their Nook e-reader, has been embracing e-books written by other than A-list authors. This is a good thing, as it gives me another venue for sales.

They obviously have some kinks to work out, though, as evidenced by this:

That's not exactly the correct cover to go with Charybdis.

Of my other books, only 2 have the correct cover images; the rest are covers for my books, just swapped around. As Simple As That has the cover for Charybdis; It's Not About the Cookies has the cover for Finding Father Rabbit. Other indie writers are having the same issues, and it's become a "Who has the funniest cover error?" game.

Supposedly they're working quickly to correct the made me LOL a bit...


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

At least they have the description right!

Deaney said...

I was wondering what you were writing about this time. LOL

Shaggy and Scout said...

Well geez... are they gonna fix it?

invisible said...

The title "As Simple As That" could easily have been mistaken for another book title about "Simple".
Be glad Sarah Palin's face did not grace your cover blurb.