Thanks to the Spouse Thingy's attempt at becoming One with the back yard, he was off today, and today was the start of the Medieval & Fantasy Festival in downtown Vacaville. We had a good time at it last year and figured why not? It's not like he was on sick leave and was supposed to stay home all weekend; he's Out With Owies, and wandering around in a wheelchair is not unreasonable.

I think it was a little better last year; either there were simply not as many street performers this year, or we were there at a bad time, but we went through the whole thing in less than an hour. It was still fun, jst not quite the kicky thrill it was last year.

On the plus side, last year there was a guy who makes really nice (and high quality) Celtic jewelry, and I bought a sterling silver ring from him. I had really wanted it in gold, but couldn't justify the expense. I reasoned a ring is a ring is a ring, and went cheap.

The problem is that my body doesn't like silver. It didn't turn my finger green; instead, I often turned the ring black. Not all that attractive.

Well, this year he was there and had the ring in gold, and since it subs as my wedding ring, I justified the expense.

And this is what the Spouse Thingy gets for falling off a ladder. He gets to spend money on jewelry.

Tomorrow, I drag him to the mall.

Pray for him.


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