Oddz N Endz #...Phfftt I lost track a long time ago...

  • Max finally did it. He's always threatening to poop on my pillow (shuddup, it really is him making those threats) and this week he smeared his little ass all over my sheets near my head. He seems quite happy with himself, too.

  • It's 77 freaking degrees in this house, and yet I caved to his request to turn on the fireplace. Yes, he made quite clear what it was he wanted.

  • Oddly, I was actually a little chilly myself. Well, perhaps not so oddly, since we're pretty sure I need my thyroid meds upped.

  • I have not seen my endocrinologist in almost a year and a half. Oh yeah, this is thanks to the wonderful people at TriCare, who administer the Oh Hell No It's Not Free No Matter WHAT You Were Promised When You Joined military medical insurance. It took a year to fix the hose up that locked us out of the system, and now my doc is booked up.

  • I don't know why I'm dragging my ass about seeing a civilian. I should. And likely will. I suppose it's the whole having to drag out my medical history for someone new. I really do want to tell them to mind their own business and just gimme my drugs medications.

  • I also have not been on HGH since December. Ran out, etc ad nauseum. I am feeling its absence in every movement, and it sucks.

  • A little self medication today: the weather was beautiful, so I took my spiffy scooter out for a nice 50 mph ride. I had to come home when I could barely see through all the dead bugs on my face shield.

  • Tomorrow looks to be another nice day. If the Spouse Thingy has a quiet night, we might go for a short ride tomorrow. This is awesomeness.

  • I'm wondering if I should pull Buddah back from the fireplace, lest he roast his little hairballs...

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