Does it count as aerobic exercise?

A few minutes ago, the phone rang. I was a little annoyed because I was in the middle of something Very Important (hey, my Bookworm score is almost 33 million!) and I do not like to be disturbed when I'm doing something very important (like trying to find the bonus word.) But I stopped what I was doing anyway, and got up to see who was calling. Maybe I'd pick up, maybe not.

Caller ID said it was Mercy General Hospital.

In the same area code as my mother in law.

My heart started pounding so hard it felt like my neck was going to explode and I snatched that sucker up and answered as fast as I could.

Turns out my civilian doc is part of the Mercy Hospital system.

And they have an automated appointment reminder system.

Apparently, I have an appointment on Tuesday.


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