Thumper, looking upApparently, one must keep looking up whilst house hunting. I found myself doing this a lot, and am embarrassed to admit that I was looking for high places for the kitties to play.

Last week we saw seven or eight houses, and were very drawn to two of them. Yesterday we went for a second visit on one of them, and looking at it in a new light pretty much crossed it off our list. It was a decent house, and the floor plan was really nice, but we kept finding all these things we'd have to work on or replace: all the appliances, the carpet, the house fan, and the worst of it, the giant front windows. The bathrooms were seriously dated, with a Roman tub in the master that looked just plain uncomfortable...we liked it, but it felt like we'd be settling right off the bat--not to mention the roughly $20-30,000 we'd need to sink into it.

Today we went back for a longer look at the second house. It was like night and day. This one has brand new laminate throughout the house, the kitchen was completely remodeled 2 years ago and some some of the nicest touches I may have never considered before, I would have a big office, and it's got a 3 car garage. That will make our bikes happy. It's turn key...we wouldn't have to do anything.

The giant back yard made the Spouse Thingy happy, as he envisions someday having a pool put in. I envision him mowing the grass.

We're going to try to hook up with our agent tomorrow (his assistant took us today) and put in an offer. It's a short sale home, so there's no telling how long it will be before we get an answer...I have high hopes, though.

So keep your fingers crossed. The lender has to approve our offer, then it has to get through not only our bank's appraisal, but the VA's appraisal. I really want this house.

And CONGRATS to my best bud Sandy! She just got her FIFTH degree black belt in TKD. Yes, say congrats, because if you don't, she's entirely capable of kicking your ass ;)

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