WooHoo. The Spouse Thingy called the dealership this morning, and my spiffy new scooter is off the boat from Italy and should be here in 5-7 days. This is very good, because I am becoming a grumpy Wabbit without wheels to toot around on. Hopefully I'll have it before the twitching and drooling sets in.

I've owned the domain kathompson.com for somewhere around 152 years, but mostly it's just a placeholder. I've wanted to move my blog there, but a little technofear has kept me from it. Now, supposedly if you switch from hosting at Blogger to hosting via FTP to your own domain, Blogger redirects visits from their server to yours, but I've had this "what if it doesn't" worry. So. If you've made the switch, does it work?

Because I am getting old, Max's next book (could be out by autumn) is going to have type set THIS BIG. Max thought he was done with it, but it was discovered in editing it needs a few more illustrations, and getting him to sit down and draw is a PITA.

Did I mention my scooter should be here next week?


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