I really didn't mean to sound like I was taking potshots at Twitter...I just don't get it and was hoping for some enlightenment. If I ever get it, I might try it. Better yet, sign my cat up for it and let him tweet at people...

In other news...

  • I think I sprained my wrist. All I did was lift one corner of my laptop and something went =ow= and now if I move it in certain ways, it hurts. Getting old sucks. An ACE wrap helps.
  • I think I was the cause of an almost-accident this afternoon. Dude in a giant gas-sucker was watching me in his side view mirror an driving a little erratically, I think trying to get a better view of the scooter. He didn't notice the light had changed and squealed halfway into the intersection when it occurred to him that, duh, everyone else stopped.
  • I think Buddah thinks I have a butt fetish. If I'm lying in bed and he crawls on top of me, he shows me his backside before he plops down. If I talk to him, he gets up, turns around, and shows me his ass. Try to pet his head...he shows me his empty nads. I'm not sure why he seems to think I want to see it, but he sure keeps showing it to me a lot.
  • I think I'm ready for Fall. I want cooler temps to zoom around in. All this sweating just makes my boobs itchy.

:::wanders off to scratch:::

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