My left nostril whistles.

Normally, this isn't even worth mentioning; it whistles, it's been whistling, it's probably gonna whistle until winter comes and my allergies abate. I don't notice it during the day, but at night ...eeee...eeee...eeee...

It annoys me, but I've learned to fall asleep in spite of it.

Apparently, it also annoys Max. The last couple of mornings he's woken me with a paw placed strategically over the offending nostril, which is probably better than the times he's woken me by shoving his entire nose up whichever nostril is most conveniently located for him.

A couple of days ago I thought it was mostly a coincidence; he has a keen internal alarm clock and knows when it's time for me to get my lazy ass out of bed, and realized a long time ago that messing with my face was the fastest way to wake me up. He put a paw over my nose because he knew it would wake me up. Simple as that.

But this morning...this morning I refused to open my eyes. His paw squished my left nostril closed, then he let up. I breathed and he put his face close to mine, whiskers tickling my cheek, and he listened. Then he plugged it up again, let go...and listened.

After the 4th time he must have decided he couldn't stop the noise, so he placed his mouth so very close to my ear and let out a mighty meow, which I'm pretty sure translated into "WAKE UP! YOUR HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!"

My head remained intact.

My ear drum, I'm not so sure.

And I'm still whistling...

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