This is why I didn't even think about riding my bike anywhere today.

I did need to run some errands, and I noticed few bikes out on the roads, and the riders I did see weren't wearing much gear; lots of shorts and t-shirts, most had on half or shorty helmets. I did wonder if any of them realized they'd actually be cooler with mesh gear on, but honestly, at this point hot is hot and not much helps.

As I was coming out of Sports Authority, though, a girl pulled up on a little Ninja; she was in full gear--full face helmet, mesh jacket, mesh riding pants, gloves, boots. She cut the engine, put the side stand down, and leaned forward, hugging her tank. When she pushed her face shield up--still lying across the tank (which had to be wicked hot), I asked if she was okay.

"Is my face still sweating?"

I nodded.

"Then I'm all right for now. Please tell me they have water inside."

There was a water fountain by the restroom, I told her, and they sell Gatorade. That might be a better idea.

She started to slide off the bike, waving off any help. "I'm really all right. After I cool down here I'm going to find somewhere to sit for a couple hours."

I pointed to the nearby WalMart, where there's a McD's inside with the Magic of Free Refills. As soon as I said it I almost regretted it, because I was afraid she'd get back on her bike and ride over there. It's not far, the parking lots are even connected, but she had no business getting back on that bike, not yet.

Wisely, she headed inside, where she could get a big bottle of Gatorade. Still, I watched from the car for a few minutes, in case she came back out too soon and got on the bike.

Not that I could really do anything other than call 911 if she passed out, but I'm a worrier.

I know a lot of people ride no matter what the weather; some of them have to, because it's their only transportation. But in this heat, you have to stop every half hour or so and drink. You should stop and rest every hour. It doesn't take long for the effort of riding combined with the heat to just sap everything out of you.

For the next few days, my butt will remain out of the bike seat. I do love to ride, but I'm a hot weather weenie and don't do well in it. I'd rather sit inside with the a/c going, or dunk myself in the pool. I gotta give props to anyone who does ride when it's hot and knows how to keep from passing out...I just can't do it.

I'm not sure how we ever survived San Antonio, riding around in a car with no a/c, and working out in TKD classes with no a/c. Compared to that heat--with the high humidity--this is nothing, but it's still too much.

I know, it's because I'm OLD now.

Bring me a drink, then get off my lawn.

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