Interesting question posed on one of the motorcycle forums I lurk at (and truly, I lurk at far too many, but at least I don't actively post at all of them. If I did, I'd never be able to leave my chair and I wouldn't bathe for weeks on end...) that can be applied to just about anything that truly means something to a person.

If someone offered you a large amount of money to stop riding a motorcycle, would you take it?

The same question could be posed for any hobby that others find scary/dangerous/weird/objectionable. Sky diving, smoking, knife juggling. Bikes. Big, scary, loud bikes. Would you stop if the price was right?

The general consensus was "Hell no! I'll give up riding when they pry the handlebars from my cold, dead hands!"

I understand the digging in of one's heels at the idea that someone else would want to pay them off to give up something they love, but I think most of them are in denial. The $10,000 offered by one rider's mother might not tempt most, but what if the amount escalated? $50,000? $100,000?

I'm willing to bet that if the amount was enough, 90% of those riders who swear they'll never give it up would do exactly that. The other 10%...they might stick to their guns. One guy's father offered to buy him a house, but he declined; riding means that much to him. He'd live in a cardboard box if that's what it took to keep his bike and continue riding. It wasn't a what-if thing for him; the actual offer had been on the table and he didn't take it. Most of the participants in the discussion were only musing the Maybes of the idea, and they're young enough to believe their interests aren't fluid.

Emotionally, I would be on the fence; riding is one of the things I love that I can still do, especially alone. I can't imagine giving it up, but I'm also not naive enough to think I can't be bought. Oh, I would cry as my bike left with a new owner, but I'd survive. Face it, ten years ago if you had asked me whether or not, once I finally got the convertible I'd coveted all my life, if I'd ever be able to give it up, I would have snorted and said no. Yet last year I sold it and didn't blink twice. I had a bike, and it turned out to be way more fun.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong and am just easy. I'm not cheap, but there's the possibility that I might be easy.

Just don't ever ask me to give up my cats, though, or I will hurt you. Or glare at you with stabby eyes. Something mean, for sure.

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