Perhaps my expectations are just a little bit too high, but it seems to me that if you walk into a store, find on the shelves 10 boxes of the item for which you went into that store, that they would actually have said item in stock.

But no...I went into Staples yesterday in search of Adobe Acrobat 8 (upgrade version) and in spite of the 10 (empty) boxes on the shelves, they did not have it in stock. Oh, I assumed they did and took an empty box up to the cashier, where she did as I expected--she called to the back to have someone get the software I really really needed from the back. Fifteen minutes passed before the guy wandered out to tell me they don't have it. They have the full version, but not the upgrade.

I pointed out they had ten (upgrade version) boxes on the shelves, and the guy stopped just short of rolling his eyes and said, "But they're empty."

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. You should take the boxes off the shelf. (I did say the latter, I refrained from the former. I sure as hell did think it, though.)

I could have been spared the annoyance if Windows Vista would play nicely with older software. Vista, however, does not want to install certain products, and others it does allow install only function partially...and my luck just happens to be that the things I need for business are the things it refuses to play with.

I miss Windows 98.

And Staples sucks.

(Ok, it doesn't entirely, but I'm not happy with Staples today...)

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