There were no Lost Kitty signs anywhere in the neighborhood, so I put up several Found Kitty notices, and when the SPCA opens this afternoon I'll call to see if I can bring her over so they can scan for a microchip. I know this cat belongs to someone; she's far too well cared for, and is too affectionate to be a stray. We think she's been loose for a couple of days and hadn't eaten based on how much she inhaled when we fed her--but she's obviously a normally well fed little girl.

I feel bad she's stuck in the garage, but we figured that was better than being outside all night where it was in the 30s. If we had a logical place inside to house a kitty away from Max and Buddah, we'd put her there, but this house lacks a good kitty hideout.

She's a good example of why even indoor kitties need collars and tags. This would be so much easier if we knew who she belonged to...

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